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Community Service

Coastal Villages Region Fund staff members work hard every day to create opportunities for individuals to achieve and maintain financial security.


We earn our money for our communities through the Bering Sea fishing industry. Coastal Villages owns and operates vessels that fish for pollock, crab, and cod.
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Job Opportunities

At CVRF there are many viable career options for hardworking individuals in all 20 member communities, on the crab boats, longline vessels, catcher/processor vessel and in corporate offices.
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Coastal Living

We strive to provide for ourselves, our families, our communities, for today, tomorrow, and generations to come.
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On behalf of the 20 member communities, Coastal Villages Region Fund has grown to be the largest seafood owner/operator headquartered in Alaska. We serve over 9,300 people, covering 30,000 square miles of rugged western coastline. Our bold, deliberate investments and conscious resource management in the Bering Sea enables CVRF to provide a variety of benefits for our residents to thrive. We protect our fisheries and harvest what the ocean provides us. We implement the infrastructure and tools necessary to develop our communities. We grow in a strategic and sustainable manner and we remain adaptable to take advantage of all positive opportunities. We do this to ensure lasting prosperity for the Alaskan residents living within the Coastal Villages region.

We invite you to watch the following videos to learn about our origin, our self-determination, and our vision.

Economic Independence

A Short-term Sacrifice

A Pathway to the Future

"When I think back to how we used to operate to where we are now, I am proud of the decisions we have made and appreciate the risks we took to get here. I feel like we have grown up, stepped up to the next level and we keep pushing forward."



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