People Propel®

Individual assistance for residents: CVRF has been operating the People Propel® program since 2012. Coastal Villages provides tangible opportunities that were previously non-existent; we contribute 30 percent down payment assistance for the overall costs of housing and equipment critical to daily life in rural Alaska. This unique program empowers residents of member communities to make informed and effective financial management decisions, accumulate credit and assets, and reinforces a self-determined way of life.

People Propel® initially started with products limited to fishing nets, permits, boats, motors and safety equipment, and has evolved to include a wider range of products, including housing, to meet the needs of all CVRF residents. In 2021 during round 12 and 13 of this program, CVRF helped 797 residents purchase $7 million in equipment value in which CVRF provided more than $2.1 million in aid. Since its inception, People Propel® has helped over 5,000 residents purchase $42 million worth of equipment value in which $14 million has been contributed by Coastal Villages.

We leverage our capital from fishing, wield our buying power, and work together with transportation networks to support residents in accessing safe, efficient equipment and housing that leads to economic growth. Our relationships with vendors help drive competitive prices for residents. Our skilled Mechanic/Welders play a large role in the day-to-day maintenance of the equipment. All of this helps our residents build the skill sets to own, operate and maintain assets; in doing so, our whole region benefits.


Our goal at CVRF is to provide the necessities for residents living in the Coastal Villages region. This includes equipment, vehicles, and tools to be comfortable in the unpredictable climate of rural Alaska.


Coastal Villages is working hard to help facilitate the process of home ownership. Developing a scalable model that acts as a launch pad for our residents is a sustainable solution addressing our needs and providing for our people.
"People Propel has helped me save money and I am thankful for the motor, net, boat and four-wheeler I was able to purchase through the program. People Propel is very helpful, not only financially, but also for subsistence. The items I purchased through this program have helped gather subsistence food for my family."