Pollock, cod, and crab sales drive community benefits: harvesting, processing, and selling fish on the global market anchors our local programs and services


Coastal Villages strives to be an effective steward of the resources entrusted to us by nature, our people, and the people of Alaska and the United States. While managing the natural resources, we harvest its bounty in a sustainable manner for the benefit of our region. With the fruits of the sea we provide jobs and benefits to the people of the region in a manner consistent with management of our assets and resources for generations to come. On behalf of the 20 member communities, CVRF has grown to be the largest seafood owner/operator headquartered in Alaska.

By taking a strategic, adaptable, and long-term approach to the Bering Sea commercial fisheries, CVRF has realized a fundamental dream of the Community Development Quota (CDQ) program. Our ability as an organization to take risks and invest in ourselves, our fisheries, and our investments in those fisheries, enhances our ability to achieve diverse and sustainable investments in our communities. CVRF is now able to take a broader and balanced approach to managing our Kuskokwim Delta and Bering Sea seafood resources, and in doing so creating viable jobs, infrastructure, and tools for our region to manifest their dreams into realities.

Meet Our Vessels

Northern Hawk
Species: Pollock | Length: 341ft | Power: 8,600 HP
Lilli Ann
Year Built: 1991 | Crew Size: 27 | Length: 141ft
Species: Cod | Crew Size: 25 | Power 1500 HP
North Sea
Home Port: Seattle, WA | Length: 126ft | Year Built: 1979
Arctic Sea
Species: Crab | Year Built: 1978 | Crew Size: 8
Arctic Mariner
Crew Size: 6 | Species: Crab, Salmon Tender | Year Built: 1980
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Earning income and making the dream reality

CVRF provides paid work opportunities to motivated, hard-working individuals living in the Coastal Villages region. Job opportunities exist at all 20 CVRF community offices, as well as on the crab boats, longline vessels, catcher/processor vessel, and in the corporate offices. We take pride in hiring the best and the brightest from CVRF communities for these true Alaskan jobs. In 2018, CVRF employed 964 individuals across the region, in full- and part-time positions, as well as in summer employment for career development. These individuals collectively earned nearly $5.5 million.
“It’s a proud moment seeing the product of all that hard work.”



What is CDQ?

Coastal Villages Region Fund is a part of the Western Alaska Community Development Quota (CDQ) program, an economic development program associated with the federally managed fisheries in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI).