A global company stimulating local economy: our mission is to provide the means for development of our communities by creating sensible, tangible and long-term opportunities that generate hope for all people who want to fish and work.

We are strong. We are proud. We are Coastal Villages.


CVRF serves over 9,300 people living in 20 communities covering 300,000 square miles of rugged Alaskan coastline.


Diverse in cultural practices, linguistic variations, and geographic conditions, we strive to provide infrastructure and benefits to meet the needs of all residents.


CVRF staff members in the communities, corporate offices and Bering Sea work hard to reach the goal of creating opportunities for individuals to achieve and maintain financial security.


Our governing body is comprised of local residents who steer the vision, mission, values, and policies of our organization

Generating Success for Future Generations


Continuous focus on balancing growth in commercial fishing and sustainable development of CVRF communities.


Provide the means for development of our communities by creating sensible, tangible, and long-term opportunities that generate hope for all people who want to fish and work.


  • Effective Strategic Leadership
  • Trust, Integrity & Teamwork
  • Respect for and Understanding of all people
  • Active Community Participation
  • Respect for and Understanding of the Land, Sea, and the Resource
  • Growth & Sustainability through Maximum Return on Capital
  • Industrious People + Job Opportunities = Self Determination


  • Balance the needs, wants, and expectations of all – Now and 7 generations from now
  • Understand risks/rewards, develop a plan of action, support it and execute on it
  • Deliver efficient and equitable economic benefits to our communities
  • Develop and deploy successful business models and adapt as needed for future use
  • Support bold thinking and continuous innovation
  • Deliver disciplined, purposeful & sensible initiatives to sustain and stimulate new economic growth in our region

Residency Matters

Through the CDQ Program, CVRF earns money in the Bering Sea fisheries and reinvests in Bering Sea vessels and quota to maximize those earnings. CVRF uses the earnings to create jobs, programs and other opportunities that help to build the economic independence of CVRF’s 20 member communities.  In order to participate in CVRF’s programs, you must be a resident of one of CVRF’s 20 member villages.

The fundamental idea behind the CDQ Program is to give the communities on the shores of the Bering Sea the chance to participate in the modern, sustainable and lucrative commercial fisheries of the Bering Sea. By tying the program to residency, the CDQ “equity” in these fisheries cannot leave our communities. Generations from now, the people living in our communities will still be the effective “owners” of CVRF, will still serve on its Board of Directors, and will still control the future and fate of our CDQ group and the benefits we get from the Bering Sea.

If a person leaves the community, they are no longer eligible to participate in CVRF’s programs, and do not take away any “shares” in the company. Every child in our communities will have the same right to participate in CVRF activities as his/her parents and grandparents. Each new person that moves to our communities can also participate, regardless of race, sex, religion, lineage, tribal membership, or being a shareholder in a Native corporation.

To verify your residency, visit

Governance with a Local Perspective

CVRF believes strongly in the voice of the people: the voice of the people at the federal level, the voice of the people at the state level, and the voice of the people at our own company level. Behind our successful organization is a Board that understands its responsibilities and actively supports the missions and goals of Coastal Villages Region Fund. Our board members provide a critical link between community members and CVRF.

CVRF’s Board of Directors is responsible for governing CVRF’s affairs. The Board makes broad policy decisions and sets organizational goals that the staff carry out. The primary functions of the Board are to act in the best interests of the company and the Coastal Villages region. These functions enable the organization to achieve its purpose of providing the means for development by creating sensible, tangible, long-term solutions for the residents of CVRF’s 20 member communities. The Board makes decisions that balance growth in commercial fishing and sustainable development in CVRF communities.

The CVRF Board of Directors is comprised of one elected representative from each of our 20 member communities. Every two years, one third of the Board members are up for election in their respective communities. The CVRF bylaws mandate that the elected Board member be a permanently domiciled resident of the community they are representing, during the full course of their term, and that at least 75 percent of the Board members be fishermen. Elections are run under a standardized process in each community to ensure that the election is fair and gives voice to the entire community.


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