Youth to Work

The Youth to Work program provides a positive first work experience for young adults in the Coastal Villages region.

Gaining a positive first work experience

YTW focuses on recruiting 14-19 year old youth to work during the summertime. Applicants go through the full job cycle: applying online, meeting expectations for coming to work on time every day, performing their job duties and earning a paycheck. YTW highlights the importance of investing a community by doing a community service project and job shadowing at a variety of organizations. Local experts are hired as instructors to teach the young employees relevant, traditionally inspired crafts and tools. In this manner of passing down knowledge and skills, participants are equipped with enough knowledge to use and customize their crafts and demonstrates how they can use and adapt traditional resources to achieve success in the present and future economy.

This program is designed to prepare youth to work in CVRF communities in the future. YTW supports participants in developing cultural skills and knowledge; gaining job experience by shadowing at local stores and governing bodies and helping their communities through service activities. Youth can also cultivate their leadership skills in the Team Lead position. To qualify for the Team Lead position, applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA and have completed two seasons of YTW or have equivalent leadership experience.

of the youth population completed YTW/YTWM
0 %
Average earnings for Youth to Work participants
$ 0
of YTWM participants eligible for USCG basic training
0 %

Youth to Work Maritime

A new expansion of YTW is the Youth to Work Maritime program. This unique opportunity is geared toward rising seniors in high school. YTWM prepares youth for maritime careers by facilitating courses through AVTEC, the Alaska Vocational and Technical College located in Seward, Alaska. Students go through an Introduction to Nautical Skills course and can also obtain their Basic Training, another maritime course that includes: Personal Survival, Basic Fire Fighting, First Aid & CPR, and Personal Safety & Social Responsibility.