Our goal at CVRF is to provide the necessities for residents living in the Coastal Villages region. This includes equipment, vehicles, and tools to be comfortable in the unpredictable climate of rural Alaska.

Providing the equipment neccessary for daily life in rural Alaska

Living in rural Alaska can be expensive and logistically challenging. Our region is not connected by traditional road systems; local river systems serve as highways between neighboring communities; air travel is often the most realistic form of transportation; and geographic conditions dictate a vast array of infrastructure needs. With all of this in mind, reliable transportation and equipment are a must. That is why the CVRF Board of Directors created People Propel® program: to meet the demand of residents of our 20 member villages for safer, more fuel efficient and environmentally cleaner outboard motors and boats, ATVs, snow machines, kitchen appliances, building materials, generators, renewable energy products, heaters, safety equipment, and more.

In addition to providing easier access to safer and more efficient equipment, the People Propel® program actualizes a goal of the CDQ (Community Development Quota) program: to support economic development in western Alaska. When an individual saves money on equipment vital to everyday village life while accumulating assets, the money they save can support themselves in the future and the equipment purchased can help to them provide for themselves, their families, and communities by safely travelling around the region and subsisting off of the ocean and land. In our region where interdependence is essential, when an individual is safe and empowered, we collectively steer onward and upward.  

"Quyana [thank you] CVRF … for helping us get a boat, outboard motor, four wheel and snow machines. CVRF is always helping. Quyana for making it affordable for the smaller communities."