M/W Services

From repairs, to maintenance, to custom built parts, our highly skilled M/Ws provide much needed shop services as well as a service beyond the mechanics: self-sufficiency with community focus.

Developing a Skilled Homegrown Workforce

Our highly skilled Mechanic/Welders (M/Ws) provide much needed shop services to repair or build custom parts for residents’ equipment crucial to daily life in the village. Whether they are welding boats, servicing stoves, or working on machines, M/Ws have become a dependable and affordable team committed to providing accurate and fair services. M/Ws are supported by Service Writers (SWs) who help maintain a smooth and efficient service shop. S/Ws assist in diagnosing problems, creating work orders, and clearly communicating estimated costs and completion times to customers. With the existence of Mechanic/Welder services in communities, residents can have their critical assets maintained and repaired all in-region.

“The mechanic/welder[s] need to be recognized for their good work. They have been helping summer, spring, winter, fall. They don’t complain, and they get it done right away.”