People Propel Round 10


 Coastal Villages has been operating the People Propel® program since 2013. The program was created to help residents of our member communities purchase equipment critical to daily life in a coastal community by providing a subsidy for part of the purchase price. Since its inception, the program has helped people purchase boats, motors, ATVs, snowmachines, Toyo stoves, etc.

Who May Apply for Participation in the People Propel® Program?

Residents of CVRF’s 20 member communities may apply for the People Propel® program. More information can be found about CVRF's residency policy here.     

Verify residency here.

Please contact your nearest CSC for program schedules and details


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Please Review Key Changes to the 2019 People Propel® Program:

Start Date: Program applications open on Friday, March 15th at 8A.M.

• Subsidy: Coastal Villages is offering a 30% “discount” on the dealer sales price.
This “discount” is funded by a subsidy paid for by CVRF, made possible by Coastal’s
Bering Sea fishing operations for pollock, cod, and crab.

• Retention of People Propel® Purchases: The People Propel® program is intended
to assist individuals who are residents of Coastal Villages’ member communities in
acquiring equipment critical to daily life that would not otherwise be affordable. As
such, those participating in the program will be asked to sign an agreement stating
that they agree to maintain possession of the equipment purchased through the
program for use within the CVRF region for a minimum of two years. Failure to do
so will require reimbursement of the full amount of the subsidy to Coastal Villages.

• Considered Parties Applications: CVRF Board members, in-region staff &
immediate family are ”Considered Parties”. Applications of “Considered Parties” will
be held for a period of 14 days to ensure there is no advantage given to people
affiliated with CVRF. For clarification, call the People Propel® hotline at 1-888-983-
7155 if you need more information or have any questions.

• This publication has examples of qualifying products and vendors. Qualifying products
include but are not limited to: motors, ATVs, snowmachines, building materials, small
structures and conexes, kitchen appliances, renewable energy products, generators,
toyo stoves, etc. Applicants may select either a dealer or vendor from this publication
or another vendor of their choice.

• For inquiries for Round 10 of the People Propel® Program please call the hotline
phone number: 1-888-983-7155.