ANCHORAGE, AK – Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) authorized a pool of $1 million for 2013 to be divided up between in-region herring, halibut and salmon commercial fisher bonuses, contract-complete processing plant and tender crew bonuses, and heating oil for families in need in our 20 CVRF member communities. [read more]
CVRF Improves Community Service Delivery [read more]
ANCHORAGE, AK – CVRF celebrated Ted Stevens Day by paying out over a quarter of a million dollars to hundreds of Kuskokwim, Goodnews Bay, Kanektok and Black River commercial fishers in the last week. [read more]
Revenue Per Resident Still Far Below Other CDQ Groups ANCHORAGE, AK – The Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) Board of Directors today received and approved its 2012 audited financial statements as presented by KPMG LLP. CVRF’s 2012 revenue of $115.4 million was $9 million higher than 2011, with the substantial majority ($101.6 million) again coming from the harvest, processing and sale of Pollock, crab and cod from the Bering Sea. [read more]
ANCHORAGE, AK –Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) announced today that its subsidiary, Coastal Villages Seafoods (CVS), will increase the starting hourly rate for processors at its plants in western Alaska to $10.00 per hour, believed to be the highest starting wage for processors in the history of the Alaska seafood industry. CVRF also announced that it will strive to meet or exceed its 2012 Alaska-hire rate of 90% at its plants – which is already significantly higher than the statewide Alaska hire rate of only 27% by seafood processors. [read more]
Attached (on the bottom) is CVRF's People Propel Catalog. The deadline to apply is January 31. CVRF residents are encouraged to apply for this program. The following is the overview message from John O. Mark: People Propel™ Overview [read more]
ANCHORAGE, AK – The reality of parking Coastal Villages Region Fund’s (CVRF) 100% owned and controlled fishing vessels in Alaska has moved a step closer with CVRF’s decision to park five of its salmon and halibut tender vessels in Seward, Alaska this winter - the Wassilie B (107 feet), the Camai (115 feet), the Kelly Mae (135 feet), the Hawk (73 feet) and the Gildy Logger (150 feet). [read more]
ANCHORAGE, AK – The Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) Board of Directors, during its October quarterly meeting, approved an additional $2,000,000 in discretionary funds for its 20 member villages. The additional funding is a “bonus” stemming from better-than-expected financial performance by CVRF in the Bering Sea pollock, crab and cod fisheries. CVRF initially expected to generate about $95 million in revenue this year from its Bering Sea operations. Based on current projections, the CVRF Board expects to exceed the budgeted projections by at least five percent. [read more]
ANCHORAGE, AK – Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) vows to continue seeking changes to the allocation of valuable federal fishery resources in spite of opposition from other participants in the Western Alaska Community Development Quota (CDQ) Program. In a letter signed on September 7, 2012 by CVRF’s Board of Directors, the Board asked the CDQ executives who oppose CVRF to reconsider their opposition and to take the matter to the residents who they serve. [read more]
ANCHORAGE, AK – Dozens of residents from Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) member villages are preparing to attend higher education programs this fall with help from CVRF. CVRF has awarded 79 residents with a total of $351,000 for the Fall 2012 semester. Of the 79 scholarship recipients, 62 are attending universities and 17 are attending vocational programs. The Fall 2012 scholarship awards brings the total provided by CVRF in 2012 to 130 awards totaling over $500,000. [read more]