ANCHORAGE, AK – Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) is empowered by more than 4,700 registered voters out of a population of 9,353 in our 20 member communities. Within the past few months, CVRF Community Service Representatives (CSRs) have helped to register more than 400 new voters.

“We serve the largest population, we have a high number of voters, we have the highest need for more jobs, and we are asking for a fair share of the CDQ program,” said CVRF Communications and Community Benefits Manager Dawson Hoover. “Honestly, we lack the political savvy that some individuals from other smaller CDQ groups possess, but our sheer voting power is a force to be reckoned with. We are being politically discriminated against because of these unjust allocations.”

The 25 full-time and 23 part-time Community Service staff who serve Coastal’s 20 member communities in Western Alaska are qualified State of Alaska Voting Registrars. Each is helping applicants complete their voter registration forms and verify applicants’ identities.

“So far I have helped 54 Chefornak residents register to vote out of a village of 493 people,” said Janet Erik, CVRF CSR from Chefornak. “People are excited knowing that they have the power to make a difference.”

“Our rural resident voters understand the power they have when it comes to choosing a representative they believe will listen to their needs and concerns and can do the right thing for them.” said CVRF Communications and Program Coordinator Florence Kargi. “Rural Alaska made a huge statement when Senator Murkowski ran as a write-in. A significant majority of our residents also voted for Senator Begich and Congressman Young during each of their last elections, which is huge for the delegation.”

“We had a record turnout of young adult voters in Quinhagak last year for our tribal council election,” said Darren Cleveland, CVRF Board Member from Quinhagak. “I encouraged them to prove that they can make a difference and they did just that. If we build on this success we will become even more influential.”

“Some of our brothers and sisters do not elect their CDQ leaders, rather they are selected,” said CVRF Executive Director Morgen Crow. “All residents in the program should have a right to elect their leaders.”

“The CVRF Board of Directors are the elected leaders chosen by the majority of the voters of each member community,” said CVRF Board President Paul Tulik. “Our residents deserve to choose their leaders through a democratic process. They also have the inherent right to ask the U.S. Congress for equality in the CDQ program. Our request should not be taken lightly.”

Alaskans have until October 5 of this year to register or update their registration before the November 4 Election Day. CVRF staff are providing voter registration services at our local Community Service Centers and are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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CVRF is a 501(c)(4) Alaska non-profit corporation whose 20 member villages are along the west coast of Alaska from Scammon Bay to Platinum. CVRF is believed to be the largest Alaskan-owned seafood company in history and is governed by a 20-member Board of Directors elected by the residents of its 20 member communities. CVRF is dedicated to providing economic development in its 20 member communities by creating sensible, tangible and long-term opportunities that generate Hope for residents who want to Fish and Work. CVRF is the largest jobs provider in its member villages and is the first CDQ group to own and control the vessels that harvest its CDQ allocations. For more information, visit or contact Dawson Hoover at 907-278-5151. Please visit CVRF’s Facebook page at and Coastal’s Twitter page at