ANCHORAGE,AK - It has been an honor representing Scammon Bay on the Coastal Villages Region Fund Board for
the past 6 years. During that time, I had the privilege of serving on the Executive Committee and as
Vice Chair of the Board, which gave me a unique opportunity to see the totality of Coastal Villages’
work and to work toward not only the betterment of my community but of all the CVRF villages.
When our work as Board members gets challenging, we all have to step up to demonstrate reliable
leadership and keep the group in continuity to protect the integrity of the Company. As new Board
members are seated and Coastal continues working toward a sustainable economic future for
Western Alaska, I urge everyone to continue collaborating as team players and treating each
other with respect. We are all members of the CDQ region and must support one another even
when things don’t go your way. I look forward to remaining a member of the CVRF family, and
am excited to see this great company continue to grow and prosper in the years that come.
Scammon Bay (2010-2015)

I was elected in 2009 to represent my home and my people on the Board of the largest fishing
company ever headquartered in Alaska. Over the six years I spent serving the community of
Chevak on the CVRF Board, I saw this company accomplish great things for Western Alaska.
I worked alongside my fellow Board Members for the betterment of our 20 villages and the CDQ
region as a whole. During that time, we invested over $150 million of Bering Sea profits to develop
economies and create real opportunities for people who are willing to work and fish. Taking over
ownership and management of the Northern Hawk, 3 factory longliners, and 3 crab vessels was an
achievement that I am proud to have been a part of. I have had the good fortune to watch the staff
grow into this elevated role of being an owner/manager. Also, it has given me great satisfaction to
see myself and my fellow board members grow into accountable and dedicated leaders, roles that
are necessary to balance the earnings from the Bering Sea for the needs of 20 communities and all
the CVRF residents from north to south and east to west. I will always cherish the idea that we are
one region, strong and united to build upon WORK, FISH, HOPE.
Our communities, region, and state have many challenges ahead, but my experience has taught
me that those challenges will be met with the kind of grit and determination that the CVRF family
is known for. I have seen my fellow board members stick together through good times and bad,
because we share a common purpose, and we truly believe there is no better place on earth to
live and work than the shores of the Bering Sea. I look forward to taking the lessons I have learned
during my time as a Board member to better my home of Chevak. I look forward to and will
remain committed to helping CVRF prosper for many years to come.
Chevak (2010-2015)