Attention Halibut Fishers:

Coastal’s halibut plants and tender will be fully operational by June 10th -12th. The starting price will be $3.50 per pound and may be reduced after 30 days. The tender will be available for 30 days up to July 10th -12th.
The 2012 halibut quota will be 254,000 lbs, a 29% reduction (104,976 lbs) from last year. In addition, other CDQ groups continue to receive more halibut per resident than Coastal. Coastal receives less than 30 lbs of halibut per resident while some CDQ groups receive over 1,100 lbs of halibut per resident. Coastal is trying to fix this problem -- we would have received over 175,000 lbs more halibut this year if CDQ quotas were allocated fairly, based on population rather than on politics. Please see attached for further information about CDQ allocations.
Please fish safely and good luck.

Thank you.