Coastal Villages Region Fund Announces Over $600,000 in Spring 2016 People Propel Benefits

ANCHORAGE, AK – Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) has completed its fifth round of the People Propel® Program. The program, launched in 2013, has helped hundreds of people in Western Alaska acquire newer, safer, and more efficient boats, motors, and other gear. Back by popular demand, the application period for Round 5 of the program closed recently and approved applicants are preparing to take delivery of their ordered equipment.

Coastal’s People Propel® program offers low-cost (40 percent discount off retail) products such as safety gear, ATVs, snowmachines, boats, outboards, and nets to residents of its 20 member communities. Round 5 of the program was offered to the 377 residents who applied for Round 4 of the program in the fall of 2015, but were not selected due to budget constraints. CVRF’s People Propel® committee recommended this approach due to the overwhelming number of applicants in 2015 that applied and were not selected.

“Since its inception in 2013, People Propel® has grown into one of CVRF’s flagship programs, making it possible for residents across our 20 villages to purchase much needed equipment and supplies,” said Bob Marquez, CVRF’s Products/Services Manager.

Of the 377 residents who were selected to participate in Round 5 of People Propel®, 177 chose to participate in the program, taking advantage of over $600,000 in funds offered by CVRF.

“First of all, my family and I would like to thank CVRF for helping us purchase something we weren’t able to buy on our own, a boat and motor,” said CVRF region resident Ruth Slim. “Thanks to CVRF we now have a perfect fit boat for us all to help with our subsistence gathering. Words cannot express how grateful we all are.”

“Thanks to CVRF’s people propel program, we were able to purchase a brand new snowmachine,” said CVRF region resident Marla Fairbanks. “Now we can go subsistence hunting and fishing during the winter and also collect wood for our wood stove to keep our home warm. Quyana Cakneq CVRF!”

CVRF anticipates approximately $900,000 will be made available for Round 6 of People Propel®, which will take place in the fall of 2016. Details and application parameters will be announced in the late summer.

“The continued high demand for the People Propel® program is a reflection of the needs of the residents of our communities,” said Richard Jung, Chairman of the CVRF Board of Directors. “CVRF represents the largest and most economically disadvantaged population in the CDQ program. As our region continues to absorb the impact of a struggling state economy, it is critical that we focus on efficient and effective programs that provide equitable opportunities for all of our residents. We expect this critical program will take on an even more important role throughout our 20 communities. As Chair of the CVRF Board, I’m proud that we are able to provide this assistance to people who really need it.”


CVRF is a 501(c)(4) Alaska non-profit corporation whose 20 member villages are along the west coast of Alaska from Scammon Bay to Platinum. CVRF is believed to be the largest Alaskan-owned seafood company in history and is governed by a 20-member Board of Directors elected by the residents of its 20 member communities. CVRF is dedicated to providing economic development in its 20 member communities by creating sensible, tangible and long-term opportunities that generate Hope for residents who want to Fish and Work. CVRF is the largest jobs provider in its member villages and is the first CDQ group to own and control the vessels that harvest its CDQ allocations.

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