FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, February 1, 2017 Media Contact: Taylor Bickford 907-227-9718, CVRF Awards 2017 Spring Semester Scholarships [read more]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Media Contact: Taylor Bickford (907) 227-9718 CVRF Provides Support to Mekoryuk Reindeer Farmers ANCHORAGE, AK – Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) has offered financial assistance to the Native Village of Mekoryuk in support of their effort to expand the sale of reindeer meat locally harvested on Nunivak Island to other parts of Alaska. [read more]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, October 25, 2016 Media Contact: Taylor Bickford 907-227-9718, Coastal Villages Launches New “Ciuneq” Education Pathways Program Anchorage, AK – Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) has launched a new program designed to give high-achieving students in Western Alaska an opportunity to explore educational pathways and careers that will be available to them if they continue to work hard in high school. [read more]
Coastal Villages Region Fund Announces Over $600,000 in Spring 2016 People Propel Benefits ANCHORAGE, AK – Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) has completed its fifth round of the People Propel® Program. The program, launched in 2013, has helped hundreds of people in Western Alaska acquire newer, safer, and more efficient boats, motors, and other gear. Back by popular demand, the application period for Round 5 of the program closed recently and approved applicants are preparing to take delivery of their ordered equipment. [read more]
ANCHORAGE, AK – Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) announced today the addition of two new team members to its community benefits staff – Lang Van Dommelen and Lena Aloysius. Both Lang and Lena join CVRF to continue the unprecedented success in providing benefits and economic development in CVRF’s 20 member villages in Western Alaska. [read more]
ANCHORAGE, AK – Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) has awarded $173,500 in Louis Bunyan Memorial Scholarship (LBMS) funds to 64 Western Alaska residents for the 2016 spring semester. CVRF’s LBMS program has provided a consistent opportunity for funding support since its inception in 1993. In 2015 alone, CVRF awarded $363,500 to 125 applicants, and since 1993 the program has provided millions of dollars in scholarships to CVRF community residents. [read more]
ANCHORAGE,AK - CVRF’s wholly-owned and controlled operations in the Bering Sea generated significant wealth in 2014, which we were able to invest in our people by expending these proceeds on a variety of programs and projects supporting the fisheries-based economies in our region. More individuals in the CVRF region received benefits from CVRF in 2014 than ever before. I am very proud of the entire CVRF staff who worked hard to make 2014 our best year yet. CVRF is dedicated to growing our capabilities and improving our services to help meet the economic needs [read more]
ANCHORAGE,AK - For more than 50 years, Alaska’s Bering Sea has supported the world’s most productive fisheries. Since statehood and the enactment of the Magnuson‐Stevens Act, Alaskans acquired a role in managing these fisheries and made them the most sustainable in the world. However, for most of this time, Alaskans watched from our shores as foreign ships and then the Seattle fleets caught the fish and sold it into world markets. This finally began to change in 1992, when the North Pacific Fishery Management Council created the Western Alaska Community Development Quota program. [read more]