Coastal Villages Seafoods - Processing Plants

CVS proudly provides opportunities for region residents to fish and work. Coastal begins recruiting for processing plant positions in February, but accepts applications year round for those who want to work. CVS offers starting wages at $10.00 an hour with a $15.00 per hour overtime rate. We retain good employees by offering the following benefits: 1) room and board; 2) paid transportation with a completed contract; 3) a $BONUS to those who complete their contract; and 4) a great summer work experience.  To apply for a processor job at Coastal's in-region plants, please visit our online application.

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Goodnews Bay Regional Plant Processing Jobs

Herring Season: May - June

Salmon Season: June - August

Halibut Season: June - July

The Goodnews Bay Regional Processing Plant is located in Platinum, AK on the southside of Goodnews Bay. The facility’s housing is currently able to accommodate up to 225 employees. Residents who want to work while staying close to home are encouraged to apply for processing jobs at the plant.  

Coastal Villages Seafoods pays a starting wage of $10.00 an hour. Currently, dorm rooms have two beds each and offer better living conditions than generally provided in the seafood industry. Working as a processor with Coastal Villages can be a stepping stone to higher paying jobs elsewhere at Coastal, including aboard  our tenders and our vessels in the Bering Sea.

Coastal Villages processes herring, salmon, and halibut at the Goodnews Bay Regional Processing Plant.  For further information, contact your local CSC staff or apply online using the link above. 


Halibut Buying Stations
CVS receives halibut at six halibut buying stations in Chefornak, Hooper Bay, Kipnuk, Mekoryuk, Toksook Bay, and Tununak as well as at the Goodnews Bay Regional Processing Plant in Platinum. CVRF will also buy halibut in Kwigillingok and Kongiganak in 2013. CVS also has a tendering operation at south Nunivak Island (referred to as the South Nunivak Tender). Employees will begin preparing the buying station for the season in late May. The halibut season begins soon after the breakup of ice in each of the participating communities, generally around June 1. 


CVS operates a fleet of tenders that serve our fishermen and haul supplies for our CVS operations. These vessels include the Kelly Mae (135’), the Hawk (73’), the Wassilie B (115’), the Double E and Coastal Mist (40’), and the Camai (110’). Each vessel has up to six crew member positions available.

Coastal continues to seek drug free, motivated, reliable individuals from our region to work aboard our CVS vessels. Crew positions with the CVS tender fleet can become great seasonal careers, and may serve as a stepping stone toward careers aboard our Bering Sea fishing/processing vessels. The Bering Sea fleet offers broader employment opportunities and increased income potential. As an added incentive, our resident crew can apply for CVRF scholarship and training grants during the off-season to become licensed mariners.  

The costs of running our in-region fisheries far outweighs the money generated from selling the salmon, halibut, herring, and other products.  It is only because of the money Coastal Villages makes in the Bering Sea pollock, cod and crab fisheries that we can afford to pay our local commercial fishers and processors. 

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