Coastal understands the importance of community involvement in the development and delivery of programs and services for the benefit of the region. Our CSC staff are always available for residents inquire about any of our programs and services. We also have this website, a company facebook page, twitter account, quarterly newsletters, annual reports, company videos, and benefits catalogs to provide additional information.

We encourage residents to provide input on our current programs and services, as well as ideas for new programs and services to better serve the region. Get involved, take action, and help us provide a better future for our future generations.


CVRF can no longer choose to tolerate the injustice caused by the inequitable CDQ fish allocations. CVRF residents who want MORE benefits provided in the region are encouraged to take up the issue and urge Congress to make changes to the current allocations so that all CDQ residents benefit equally from the Program. CVRF is always looking for new ideas on how to bring economic benefits to the region. Residents are encouraged to get involved and provide new ideas.

Approximately 28,000 residents reside in the 65 communities participating in the CDQ Program. CVRF serves 20 of the 65 communities and approximately 1/3 of the total population of CDQ residents. Coastal’s ability to provide programs like the many listed in this catalog comes directly from our Bering Sea Pollock, cod, and crab earnings. Coastal is seeking equitable allocations in the Program so that the residents of our 20 member villages will receive an equal share of CDQ Pollock, cod, and crab rather than the reduced shares we currently receive. With equitable CDQ allocations, CVRF will be able to do even more programs like the People Propel Program in the future.


CVRF has a company facebook page at and a twitter account at Check us out and like our facebook page and become a follower on twitter.



Coastal participates in fisheries management meetings and analyzes their impact on economic development in the CVRF region. As a stakeholder in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands groundfish and crab fisheries, CVRF participates in various fishery regulatory meetings including:

  • North Pacific Fishery Management Council
  • Groundfish Plan Team
  • Crab Plan Team
  • State of Alaska, Board of Fisheries
  • International Pacific Halibut Commission
  • Salmon Bycatch Working Group
  • Rural Outreach Committee


Coastal’s CSC staff are asked to attend local and region meetings to represent the company. They report Coastal’s activities to the community and report the community’s activities to the company.  Contact your local CSC staff and share your ideas


Coastal’s quarterly newsletters and annual reports provide up-to-date information to residents about the company. Residents who wish to be added to the mailing list should call 888-795-5151 or can obtain an electronic copy online at


Videos are a great tool for providing a clearer understanding of the growing opportunities and services provided by Coastal. We have released a handful of videos to date and have the capability to develop more for future functions.  Check videos here


As western Alaska’s communities gain ownership in the Bering Sea fisheries through the CDQ Program, our thoughts, ideas, and opinions are increasingly called upon in fishery management decisions. Before you consider taking action, we encourage you to contact your local CVRF representative or the CVRF main office at 888-795-5151 to get all relevant information as management decisions may adversely impact CDQ benefits for our communities. CVRF will try to provide you with unbiased, accurate information.

CVRF encourages you to contribute by voicing your support for CVRF and the CDQ program to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) and the Alaska Board of Fisheries (BOF). CVRF’s participation in the Bering Sea provides our 20 member communities an opportunity to fish and work, thereby generating hope for our residents! All of the programs CVRF offers are paid for with earnings from the Bering Sea, particularly the Bering Sea pollock fishery. It is important to fully understand all the information and consequences of decisions before taking actions that could affect Bering Sea fisheries.


  1. Contact CVRF if you would like to know more about an issue.
  2. Write or fax your public comment to NPFMC or BOF (do not e-mail):

    North Pacific Fishery Management Council
    605 West 4th, Suite 306
    Anchorage, AK 99501-2252
    Ph: 907-278-2809 Fax: 907-271-2817

    Boards Support Section
    Alaska Department of Fish and Game
    PO Box 115526
    Juneau, AK 99811
    Fax: 907-465-6094


CVRF’s success is measured by its ability to provide opportunities for our residents to fish and work. As we work to continue, modify, or add to our programs, we hope you will take the time to contribute your input about how we can improve our ability to provide these opportunities and maximize their value to residents.