CVRF Board of Directors

Board Members


Board of Directors Meetings
CVRF Directors are expected to attend at least four quarterly board meetings and one board work session per year.  The meetings are held in CVRF member villages as well as in other locations, including Anchorage where CVRF’s business headquarters is based.  Travel is a requirement to be on the CVRF Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Responsibilities
The CVRF Board of Directors oversees the affairs of CVRF, sets CVRF’s policies, reviews the investments and programs that receive funding, reviews expenditures and approves CVRF budgets.

CVRF member communities hold regularly scheduled democratic elections to elect a representative from their community to serve on the CVRF Board of Directors. A candidate for the Board must receive a majority of the votes cast to be deemed elected. 

Candidate Requirements
Candidates must be residents permanently domiciled in their member communities.  Candidates must be fishermen, except that if a candidate is not a fisher, he/she may seek an exemption to this requirement.  CVRF may grant the exemption -- allowing the non-fisher candidate to be placed on the ballot -- if CVRF determines that at least 75% of the CVRF Board of Directors will continue to be fishermen, as required by the federal CDQ statute at 16 U.S.C. 1855(i)(1)(E)(i), if the candidate is elected.